Palmitoylethanolamide Eye Health Benefits

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has appeared to offer numerous medical advantages especially as a pain suppressant and reduces pain intensity. Here health benefits associated with palmitoylethanolamide supplementation:

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

In people, PEA decreases torment power. Patients who take PEA enhancements may have diminished pain when contrasted with the individuals who don’t take the supplement. Patients who have back torment may likewise get it decreased by taking a PEA supplement. Studies have indicated that PEA improves pelvic pain. In one examination led on ladies, taking PEA in a time of a half year improved pain as well as sexual capacity. It has likewise demonstrated the capacity to treat pain brought about by chemotherapy.

Studies on palmitoylethanolamide’s capacity to assist treat with tormenting have likewise been done on animals. In animals, a similar substance to PEA known as adelmidrol has had the option to diminish both interminable and intense irritation. Studies on mice have shown that those mice treated with adelmidrol had the option to have less lung damage and irritation than those treated with no PEA. In mice examines, PEA has likewise appeared to have calming impacts in collagen-incited and spinal string instigated aggravations.

Aides in Brain Protection

PEA has demonstrated promising outcomes when given to patients with stroke. In the recuperation results of the patients having a stroke, PEA had the option to improve the mental status and subjective aptitudes when contrasted with those patients who didn’t get the enhancement. Additionally, PEA improved social conduct and psychological abilities in medically introverted kids.

Studies directed on mice have uncovered intriguing outcomes. In mice, palmitoylethanolamide helped in protecting synapses and decreasing the declaration of expert provocative compounds. It along these lines can help lessen synapse demise and cerebrum aggravation as demonstrated by the PEA concentrate on mice. In another examination performed on rodents, it demonstrated that pretreatment of PEA diminished seizure span, and this showed PEA can help in the treatment of epileptic conditions.

Protects The Heart

In concentrates on mice, PEA indicated that it can lessen heart tissue injury and cell passing. It additionally demonstrated that it can bring down the degree of fiery cytokines. In a 5-week treatment of rodents utilizing PEA, it indicated that this substance can bring down circulatory strain when contrasted with rodents that didn’t get treatment utilizing the substance.

Eye Health Benefits

PEA has additionally demonstrated different advantages including those of the eye and gut work. In patients having eye illness, treatment utilizing PEA indicated that the enhancement offers calming benefits. It tends to be utilized in patients with diabetic nerve damage and Glaucoma and is often recommended as an alternative treatment option to traditional medications.

Patients with eye pressure after eye surgery have likewise been believed to benefit from PEA. In these patients, eye pressure. is tested before and after. Palmitoylethanolamide secures profoundly delicate light-observing retinal cells against neurodegeneration while additionally tending to the issue of intraocular pressure. An investigation performed on people, it demonstrated that PEA was compelling with regards to diminishing the declining of visual field harm, particularly in patients having typical strain Glaucoma.


Do Cataract Eye Drops Work?

Eye conditions differ from one another. There can be several conditions in which is concerned with vision. One can get a blurry vision or even blindness. They can suffer from different conditions. Moreover, the elderly seem to suffer from more difficult situations. It could be a worse eye condition like glaucoma, macular degeneration or even cataracts.

What to do with these conditions?
Mostly, these conditions require surgeries. Take cataracts as an example, there are several ways to treat this condition. It includes getting risky surgeries and even taking up several eye exams. Also, this will be the most successful method to treat cataracts.

Is there another way?
Another way to treat cataracts is getting these eye drops. Eye drops that are used to treat cataracts. It can be the nonsurgical way to treat it. Cataract eye drops are buzzing over the internet due to its safe and successful stories. Reviews about eye drops can be very promising. That is why many people try these drops for treating cataracts.

These eye drops claim that it dissolves cataracts on a patient’s eyes. It is also convenient for those who suffer from cataracts. Since it is a nonsurgical one, they can get assurances that they don’t have to undergo a risky surgery for a better recovery for their eyes.

Are they for real?
There are cataract eye drops that work. It is slightly different from person to person. Studies show that there are people who are getting their vision better but still has clouds on their eyes. Also, there are people who had their eyes cleared for cloudy cataracts but their vision is not treated.

Since most of the success stories tell that their vision is getting better, it can be the assurance that the vision they have is getting treated. For some, it is effective. For others, it can be not effective. It is like taking a medication. There are some who develop allergies. It is because the compound can make them sensitive and so are the eyes.

As you use it continue to get checkups from your eye doctor. They will also tell if you should continue using these cataract eye drops. They can also tell you if your eye condition gets better or getting worse. No matter what happens, checking up with a doctor will be the safest way as you try to get these cataract eye drops that work.


Is There Any Way To Cheat On An Eye Test?

Importance of your eyes

Eyes are important to people. This pair of body part helps people go through their daily routines. The eyes help you see things and help you do things that require vision. Not everyone is blessed to have a good eyesight or even a pair of eyes that can see. This is why it is important to take care of it. There are many ways where you can protect your eyes and keep it healthy.

Different ways to keep your eyes healthy

In order to keep your eyes healthy and at 20-20 vision, you should eat healthily. There are foods that will keep your eye vision clear. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin A will help keep your eyes have a clear vision and it will also protect your eyes from several age-related eye conditions.

Visiting the eye doctor

Though if you are experiencing blurry vision and anything that is not clear by your eyes, you should get your eyes checked and go to an ophthalmologist or optometrist. The eye doctor will test your eyes if you still have a clear vision or if you have any eye condition that needs treatment. To check your eyes for clarity, they will usually give you a Snellen test using the Snellen chart. In this chart, there are letters and numbers in different sizes and patterns for you to recite. The doctor will know if you will be needing spectacles or not.

Eye test

The usual eye test involves using a Snellen chart. The eye doctor will also make you look at their machine and check the balance and other things on your sight. The eye test cannot usually be cheated and it is not a good idea to cheat on an eye test. Your eyes are kind of an investment because you are using your sense of sight every day. If you fail the eye test then you will be asked to wear eyeglasses and if it is early on, you can still correct your eyesight.

How to keep your eyes and body healthy?

There is no exercise that will directly affect your eyes but doing some exercises most days of the week will keep your body generally healthy. Eating vegetables and other foods that are rich in vitamin A will also keep your eyesight better than the others.


N-Acetylcarnosine: Why All Cataract Eye Drops Aren’t The Same

Knowing that there is a way to get rid of cataracts without the need to go through a surgery is definitely revolutionary. This is how the cataract eye drops came into popularity, giving hopes for people who are having cataracts. Everyone knows how difficult it is to have surgery as the only option it involves lots of cash and even risks of complications.

The main reason why these eye drops for cataracts are not the same is due to the time it was introduced. It had only been available to the market for a relatively early time period. This means that the product is still undergoing research and development in aims of finding the ultimate way to create an effective eye drop for cataracts. It is not to say that none of those products are effective right now—it is just on the verge of testing. Nonetheless, people have to beware of which product is legitimate. Since it is something placed in the human body, having a contact with the supplier is important so that the buyer will feel satisfied in terms of security, in case there are inquiries.

With this, it is necessary that the cataract eye drops you are looking for had research and supporting evidence to back-up the claim of its effectiveness. Take note that those should be concrete and complete. Doing so will lessen the risk and it will make your investment worth the while. Here are the ways that the eye drops for cataracts differ.

How They Differ?

• The main ingredient of the eye drop
Basically, the focus of the products in creating eye drops for cataract removal is one making the eyes improve. The components should be towards keeping the eyes clear and keeping it healthy. This special form of carnosine known as the n-acetylcarnosine is natural. Just a tip: it is best to go for a product that is natural-based.

The effects of the eye drop
Some products are only targeted towards removing cataracts, but other products can produce more beneficial effects such as healing from dry eyes, blurry vision, ocular inflammation, contact lens lubrication and much more. Of course the more benefits the better it is. With this, opt for those eye drops for cataracts that produce such benefits. Another tip: effective and beneficial eye drops for cataracts may not have enough stock in a period, so if they have the option to pre-order and you see that so many people trust the brand, then that is a considerable action to make.


Irritation From Contact Lenses? Eye Drops May Help

First and foremost almost every person around the world already knows about these thin lenses. Lots of people have already tried to place these directly in their eyes surface to correct their vision. On the other hand others do prefer to accentuate their features with these contacts and some do say that it is therapeutic as well especially with the help of contact lens drops. Did you know that it was Leonardo da Vinci is the first and often credited individual for the concept of contact lenses from his Codex of the eye, Manual D, in 1508? Although the procedure of the mechanism was not focused on correcting a person’s vision, it focused more on the accommodation of the eye.

From the early 1500s, it took many centuries for these brilliant thin lenses to evolve completely and now people cannot seem to survive without it.


Before anything else, there are different types of lens, and these are:

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP)

– Proffers superb vision

– Adaptation period is short

– Comfortable to wear and corrects most problems with vision


– Ideal for overnight wear

– Can be worn for seven days without the need to remove it

– FDA-approved

Daily-wear soft lenses

– Extremely short adaptation period and so comfortable to wear

– Bifocals and tints available and lenses do not need to be cleaned

– Ideal for active lifestyles

Extended-wear disposable

– These are soft lenses and can be worn for six up to 30 days depending on the prescription but, needs to be discarded after

– Lessens the risks of eye infections when instructions are followed accordingly

Planned Replacement

– Easy and hassle-free disinfection and cleaning

– Great for eye-health

– Accessible in most prescriptions

What if your eyes do get irritated from wearing any of these lenses, is there a proper remedy?
Fortunately there is the contact lens drops. Now stop yourself first before you purchase any drops out in the market today. You have to be practical and smart in choosing these products because that’s your eyes and without them, you will no longer see the beauty of the world.

Only trust products that are scientifically-proven natural and proffers cure for cataracts and other mild or severe eye infections and problems such as:

  • Dry-eye syndrome
  • Eye-strain
  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Blurry vision
  • Retinal diseases
  • Complications from diabetes and other illnesses
  • Cataracts
  • Corneal disorders
  • Contact Lens Lubrication
  • Ocular Inflammation
  • Presbyopia
  • Open-angle primary glaucoma
  • Vitreous Opacities and Lesions

Almost Everyone Gets Cataracts As They Age – Know The Symptoms

Cataracts: An Age-Related Health Issue
There are many age-related health issues that one is likely to experience as they grow older and this is due to one’s body getting weaker. Though a good diet and healthy living will help in fighting off against such there is no escaping age-related health issues most of the time.

Take cataracts for example. Cataracts are caused by the lens being clouded over by protein clumps. They cause one’s vision to dim and ultimately be gone altogether if left untreated, making it a very common health issue among older people over the age of 60.

Cataracts: Knowing The Symptoms
As there is a high probability that one will be experiencing cataracts as they grow older, it is best to be aware of what is included in the list of cataract symptoms so that one can immediately be mindful if cataracts have started to set in. Knowing the symptoms is also good as catching cataracts earlier on like any other health issues is easier to deal with or treat when they are observed at earlier stages. As such the following are the symptoms of cataracts:

• Blurry, cloudy, or dim vision
• Vision tinged with yellow or brown
• Being sensitive to glare or light
• Lights appear to have a halo or a ring around them
• Having difficulty seeing at night or in low light
• Alternatively, needing brighter lights when doing certain activities such as reading
• Very frequent need to change glasses to a higher grade
• Diplopia or double vision either in one eye or both eyes

The symptoms mentioned above are the most common symptoms of cataracts and in most cases, one will not just experience one or two symptoms. In fact, symptoms may increase in number over time and most will worsen if one’s cataracts are not treated immediately.

Cataracts: What To Do?
If you have noticed that you are experiencing a majority of the symptoms mentioned above, it is best to book an appointment with an ophthalmologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. This is why regular check-ups should be done more frequently as one gets older.

In the case of cataracts doctors might recommend the use of eye drops or glasses if the cataract symptoms are not that bad yet and can still be lessened using non-invasive methods. However, surgery may be the treatment that will be advised by the ophthalmologist if the clouding of one’s lens is very high.


Most Doctors Don’t Prescribe Alternative Cataract Treatments

Most professional eye doctors would not recommend or prescribe alternative treatments for cataracts treatments. Why? It is because of the fact that, cataract problem is inevitable and the only way to treat the problem is through surgery. Though the treatment is consist of a surgical and non-surgical method, yet, if the condition is severe, then the need of surgery must be applied as soon as possible.

Alternative Treatment For Cataracts
There is plenty of alternative treatment for cataracts and one of these is the use of eyeglasses. The early stage of cataract problem aims to improve the quality of the patient’s vision. When cataract early signs are detected, the eye doctor may recommend you to use eyeglasses. The eyeglasses will vary depending on the condition of your vision.


Some microbes that naturally dwell in our intestines might be bad for our eyes, triggering autoimmune uveitis, which is
one of the leading causes of blindness. A new study suggests that gut bacteria can produce proteins that enable
the immune cells to enter the eyes and begin their destruction. Symprove is the leading probiotic with a proven track record in restoring a healthy gut microbiome and even treating IBS. Reducing inflammation through a healthy gut is one of the best ways to obtain the systemic benefits of probiotics on all tissues, including the eyes.

Eyeglasses – Common Treatment for Cataracts
Cataracts symptoms can be improved with new eyeglasses with anti-glare. Other eyeglasses are designed on magnifying lenses. Also certain tints and coating can be added so that the symptoms will be reduced. This alternative is often recommended, but bear in mind that your eyes will be undergone with the surgical procedure sooner or later.

Surgical Treatment
Non-surgical measures do help but not in long-term. This is the main reason why most eye doctors would not recommend alternative cataracts treatments. The only effective treatment at the moment would be replacing your eye lens with an artificial lens. While, in case that you have other eye conditions aside from cataracts, this might interfere with the procedure.

This is one of the most common methods when it comes to removing cataracts. The method uses an ultrasonic device vibrating in high speed through the eye with a very small incision. The device will emit the waves that break up the lens of your eye care and will be removed by suction. The surgeon will insert the artificial lens into the eye.


What Causes Floaters In Your Field Of Vision?

When an infant is born, there is a gel-liked particle that protects the eye and begins to dissolve. This is called vitreous. In some cases, undissolved gel particles will occasionally float around the liquid and this is where floaters or spots appear. The particles can be in various shapes and size as it pronounced if you gaze a clear sky or at your computer screen. Of course, you won’t see tiny bits of particles at loose within your eye. Instead, you see shadows which are often in the retina as light passes through.

Is This A Major Issue?
If you noticed a few floaters from time to time this is not a major issue. But if you noticed that you see a shower of small particles often and spots especially if there are some flashes, it is highly recommended to see an eye specialist as soon as possible. The sudden manifestation of symptoms like this means that the vitreous is pulling from your retina. In medical term is called posterior vitreous detachment. This could mean that the small particles at the retina are dislodged from the back of your eyes. The inner lining contains blood, nutrients, and oxygen which are vital to the function of the eyes.

Causes Of Spots
As the eye develops the gel-like particles inside the back of the eyes and presses against the retina. Over time, the particles will soon become more and more liquefied in the center of the eyes. It is a common case that the peripheral vitreous gel collapse to the central eye. It is estimated that more than half of people who are suffering from this condition is at the age of 80 which is caused because of aging. Thankfully, this kind of eye condition would not lead to a torn detached retina.

Do you have Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration or sometimes known as Age-Related Macular Degeneration is a term used to describe the degenerative state of the macular that occurs due to many factors including age, inflammation, genetics and systemic diseases. A recent study has found that Melatonin is effective in treating AMD. Patients with AMD were given 3 mg melatonin orally each night at bedtime for at around 3 months, with remarkable changes in the fundus picture. Melatonin was found to protect the retina and delay the degeneration of the macular.