What Causes Floaters In Your Field Of Vision?

When an infant is born, there is a gel-liked particle that protects the eye and begins to dissolve. This is called vitreous. In some cases, undissolved gel particles will occasionally float around the liquid and this is where floaters or spots appear. The particles can be in various shapes and size as it pronounced if you gaze a clear sky or at your computer screen. Of course, you won’t see tiny bits of particles at loose within your eye. Instead, you see shadows which are often in the retina as light passes through.

Is This A Major Issue?
If you noticed a few floaters from time to time this is not a major issue. But if you noticed that you see a shower of small particles often and spots especially if there are some flashes, it is highly recommended to see an eye specialist as soon as possible. The sudden manifestation of symptoms like this means that the vitreous is pulling from your retina. In medical term is called posterior vitreous detachment. This could mean that the small particles at the retina are dislodged from the back of your eyes. The inner lining contains blood, nutrients, and oxygen which are vital to the function of the eyes.

Causes Of Spots
As the eye develops the gel-like particles inside the back of the eyes and presses against the retina. Over time, the particles will soon become more and more liquefied in the center of the eyes. It is a common case that the peripheral vitreous gel collapse to the central eye. It is estimated that more than half of people who are suffering from this condition is at the age of 80 which is caused because of aging. Thankfully, this kind of eye condition would not lead to a torn detached retina.