Most Doctors Don’t Prescribe Alternative Cataract Treatments

Most professional eye doctors would not recommend or prescribe alternative treatments for cataracts treatments. Why? It is because of the fact that, cataract problem is inevitable and the only way to treat the problem is through surgery. Though the treatment is consist of a surgical and non-surgical method, yet, if the condition is severe, then the need of surgery must be applied as soon as possible.

Alternative Treatment For Cataracts
There is plenty of alternative treatment for cataracts and one of these is the use of eyeglasses. The early stage of cataract problem aims to improve the quality of the patient’s vision. When cataract early signs are detected, the eye doctor may recommend you to use eyeglasses. The eyeglasses will vary depending on the condition of your vision.

Eyeglasses – Common Treatment for Cataracts
Cataracts symptoms can be improved with new eyeglasses with anti-glare. Other eyeglasses are designed on magnifying lenses. Also certain tints and coating can be added so that the symptoms will be reduced. This alternative is often recommended, but bear in mind that your eyes will be undergone with the surgical procedure sooner or later.

Surgical Treatment
Non-surgical measures do help but not in long-term. This is the main reason why most eye doctors would not recommend alternative cataracts treatments. The only effective treatment at the moment would be replacing your eye lens with an artificial lens. While, in case that you have other eye conditions aside from cataracts, this might interfere with the procedure.

This is one of the most common methods when it comes to removing cataracts. The method uses an ultrasonic device vibrating in high speed through the eye with a very small incision. The device will emit the waves that break up the lens of your eye care and will be removed by suction. The surgeon will insert the artificial lens into the eye.